Room Tour: Rufus & Scarlett's Tropical Shared Room

A kid’s bedroom is a great place to experiment with bolder shades that you might be hesitant to use elsewhere in the house and it’s very rewarding when you do!
— Anna, Rufus & Scarlett's Mum

I first met Anna at a social media workshop and most recently worked with her on a stunning pre-teen girl’s room mural which I hope to share with you all very soon. Anna has such a talent for transforming quite ordinary spaces with the use of colour and pattern, you can see much more of her work over on her website: Anna Proctor but just to give you a taster here are a few of her projects:

Please can you tell me a bit about yourself and the kids? 

I’m Anna, a muralist and colour consultant and I have two kids, Rufus who's 6 and Scarlett who’s 4. We live in Battersea in a renovated mid century house.

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How would you describe your style when it comes to interiors? 

My style is quite eclectic really. I love to play with pattern and colour and to use a mix of both old and new furniture and accessories, but I don’t like anything that’s too fussy.

Kids Room04.jpeg

What was your inspiration for your kids’ room?

We used to live in the Bahamas, where Rufus was born and where I became pregnant with Scarlett. The rough exposed beams are quite typical of beach bars there, so we decided to embrace that feeling with a palette of coral, white  and aqua and motifs- palm trees, leaves and a scalloped half walls which are reminiscent of some of the Loyalist cottages you can find in the islands.

kids room scalloped wall.jpeg

What do Rufus and Scarlett love most about their room? 

All the space! It used to be the master bedroom and bathroom but we knocked through to make one big playroom and shared bedroom. They’re very lucky to have the biggest bedroom and it’s fantastic to have all their toys in there too.

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Could you share any advice for designing a shared kids room?

I would try to allocate the same amount of storage space for each child so they feel equal and it’s ‘fair’. It’s also a good idea to have some display space high up that younger siblings can’t reach and ‘sabotage’. My son is really into Lego so we have a display of it on top of his wardrobe which his sister can’t get to! She has some of her toys that she doesn’t really want him to play with above her wardrobe too.

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What would you say to someone who’s hesitant about using bolder colours?

I would say that adding colour with bedding, cushions and blankets is a great place to start. However, to really change the feel of a room you need to add colour to the walls. A kid’s bedroom is a great place to experiment with bolder shades that you might be hesitant to use elsewhere in the house and it’s very rewarding when you do!


Where are your fave places for great kids’ decor?

I love HoneyRocks London for their gorgeous homewares- rugs, baskets, peacock chairs and cushions, Ferm Living has great lighting and textiles. I have to say that I also love Zara and H+M - they have on trend sweet accessories that are very affordable. 

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Thank you so much Anna for allowing me to share Rufus and Scarlett’s room.

Finally, I also wanted to add that Anna’s gorgeous little nephew Teddy is currently undergoing treatment for neuroblastoma and I wanted to share a link to his fundraising page. Anna and I would both be ever so grateful for any contributions towards his treatment:

You can also follow Teddy’s journey on his mum Emma’s Instagram page: Mamaandtbear

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