Room Tour: Neve's Pretty Scandinavian Nursery

Take your time and invest in a good nursing chair! We bought the basic furniture and a few accessories, but the majority of accessories and artwork has come over time as I started to learn about Neve’s personality.
— Ruth, Neve's Mummy

Continuing my series of blog posts showcasing rooms designed by talented mums and dads, I’m delighted to share baby Neve’s nursery with you. This precious Scandi-inspired room was designed by her clever mummy Ruth.

What I love most is that Ruth has expertly designed a room for Neve that complements the rest of their home, without compromising on her own style and tastes. She has cleverly picked up on colours used throughout their home so that this beautiful room fits seamlessly, and she has designed a room that takes into account her own needs as well as Neve’s, something that parents often naively overlook, for example a comfortable chair to nurse in, a day bed for sleepless nights, and finer details like hanging a mobile over the changing table to keep Neve entertained.

If you love Ruth’s style as much as I do, you can see more of their beautiful home over on Instagram.


Please introduce yourself and tell me a bit more about your family?

I'm Ruth and I live in Twickenham with my husband Alex and our 8-month-old baby girl, Neve. I'm currently on mat leave from Disney, where I've worked in various marketing roles for pretty much my whole career.  Working for Disney is a dream job, but nothing beats being a mum! This year has also given me some extra time to focus on the house, and decorating Neve's room in particular has been the highlight!


How would you describe your home interiors style?

I'm obsessed with Scandinavian design! I love the simplicity and practicality of Scandi interiors. I have a busy mind but have found over the years that bright, simple surroundings make me feel more relaxed and calm. I also seem to be on a mission to use every shade of Farrow & Ball grey paint in our home! For Neve's nursery, I chose Dimpse as it's a delicate cool grey that made the room feel really light and happy. It wasn't my first choice though! I'd originally gone for warmer greys as I thought they'd be quite cosy, but once they were on the wall they just didn't feel right for a baby girl's nursery. It's so important to invest in tester pots!!


What was your starting point when planning Neve’s room?

The furniture - I found the Oliver Furniture cot bed when I was scouring Pinterest and completely fell in love with it! It was quite expensive so I spent hours looking for something similar but nothing compared! Plus, the room is located in the eves and an awkward shape so I needed quite a low wardrobe and Oliver Furniture had a gorgeous matching cupboard that was a perfect fit for the space. The furniture was definitely an investment, but it's incredibly solid and well-made and will last a very long time (until she's around 9!). I then pulled together a mood board with some key accessories I found, along with my preferred colour scheme and it went from there!


What do you love most about Neve’s room?

We also invested in a quality nursing chair and footstool from Olli Ella. It's probably my favourite thing in Neve's room. It really supports my back and makes feeding so comfortable, which has helped us have some really important bonding time over the last few months.


What does Neve love most about her room?

Her rainbow and swan mobiles! From the day she was born, we've had her musical rainbow mobile above her changing mat and she literally smiles and giggles every time we pull the cord! It's made changing time a joy as opposed to a chore. She also loves watching the swans dance above her in her cot.


One of the things I love most about Neve’s room is that you’ve planned a room that will last and chosen furniture that will grow with her.  Do you anticipate making any changes as she gets older?

We currently have a day bed in the room so when Neve's cot needs to extend we will remove that and replace with her longer cotbed. At that point I'd love to create a cosy reading corner with a canopy or teepee and loads of cushions.


What advice would you give to other new mums when planning their baby’s first nursery?

Take your time and invest in a good nursing chair! We bought the basic furniture and a few accessories, but the majority of accessories and artwork has come over time as I started to learn about Neve's personality. I'm still constantly adding bits now and I love it! Pinterest's great for inspiration but Instagram is also amazing!


Could you please share some of your favourite brands for decorating a baby’s room?

My go-to websites are The Modern Nursery, Scandiborn and Kidly. I also love Oliver Furniture for furniture; Olli Ella for nursing chairs and other cute accessories; Cam Cam Copenhagen for beautiful and really good quality accessories - from mobiles and cushions to muslins and changing mats; and Mrs Mighetto for stunning limited-edition prints.


Planning a Space for your Newborn

I'm often asked where to start when it comes to planning a space for a new baby and this got me reminiscing about our firstborn Thomas' nursery.  If only I could go back in time and do things a little differently... 

Looking back, one of the biggest and most costly mistakes we made when planning his nursery was to head straight to one of the large baby superstores where we bought a co-ordinating set of cot bed, changing unit and wardrobe.  We felt like we were getting such a great deal as the furniture was heavily discounted if we bought all 3 pieces, and it ticked off 3 of the big ticket items on our list of things to buy before baby arrived.

Image credit:   Mothercare

Image credit:  Mothercare

This wasn't one of our best interiors decisions and we could definitely have spent our money a lot more wisely.  The nursery furniture sets are typically large, ugly, boxy items of furniture and there are some much nicer alternatives out there.  So with the benefit of hindsight, and now with many rooms designs under my belt here are my thoughts on how to go about planning baby's first space.

Sleeping arrangements:

When planning a nursery, of course your baby will need somewhere to sleep.  However, for their first 4-6 months they will most likely be in a smaller Moses basket or bedside crib in your own bedroom so the cot bed isn't a time critical purchase and you can take your time working out your style before you commit to purchasing it.  A newborn would feel rather lost in a large cot bed after being tucked inside your tummy for 9 months so to begin with, I would suggest investing in a beautiful Moses basket and stand, which won't take up too much space in your master bedroom, and will provide a cosy space for baby to spend their first few months.  It also has the advantage of being easily carried around the house so if baby will only sleep with you in close proximity you can move it around and still get on with things whilst baby snoozes.  Add some striking wall art, black and white photographs of the family (babies love faces!) or a mobile for baby to look at and you're all sorted for your first few months. 

Image credit:  @hel_bow  with stunning print by  @ellaandtheroo

Image credit: @hel_bow with stunning print by @ellaandtheroo

Once your baby is ready to move into a cot bed, there are plenty of affordable and stylish choices.  Personally I don't think you can go too far wrong with the IKEA Sniglar which is now available in two sizes, cot 60x120cm for smaller spaces or cot bed size 70x140cm.

Image credit:  The Frugality

Image credit: The Frugality

Space for mum:

The next most important purchase by far is somewhere for mum to sit comfortably for long periods of time.  Whether you are planning to breast or bottle feed you will be up feeding baby every 2-3 hours to begin with (not to mention the cluster feeds) and a comfortable high-backed chair is a must.  Again, I'm going to steer you away from the traditional nursing chair/glider as not only are they typically ugly and bulky, I also find them impossible to get in and out of whilst holding your baby.  That being said it's important that you choose a chair that's ergonomically designed to support both you and your baby whilst feeding.  I'd recommend looking for a high back with arms at the right level to give you that support.  Another consideration is the fabric as if you want a chair to last you will need it to be stain resistant!  If you can find one in a design you're going to love and use for many years then it's definitly worth spending a bit more and if you need help justifying the cost then think about the expensive physio sessions you might save yourself (speaking from painful personal experience!)  

Image credit:  Baby Grey 

Changing area:

Unless you're blessed with an enormous master bedroom suite, squeezing in a Moses basket or small bedside crib and a chair is usually difficult enough without then having to find space for all the other baby essentials.  We actually moved our own chest of drawers with all our clothes in it into the spare room to make space for a changing unit but this was totally unnecessary.  We could just as easily have managed with a changing mat and a couple of pretty baskets for nappies, wipes, spare onesies and muslins. 

Image credit:   Olli Ella

Image credit:  Olli Ella

Clothes Storage:

Before having children, I massively underestimated the amount of space I would need for clothes storage.  They may be tiny but they grow ridiculously quickly and we found we were (very kindly) inundated with new clothes and hand-me-downs in bigger sizes by friends and family which I also needed to find space for.  If you're tight on space in baby's room, I would always recommend a chest of drawers over a wardrobe and if you have enough space a nice wide one is perfect.  Not only does it provide lots of storage space, it also means that their clothes are easily accessible once your child is ready to dress themselves.  The majority of children's clothes can be stored in drawers, and if you have some items that need hanging they can either go into your wardrobe or displayed on a hanging rail or on wall hooks.

Image credit:  @  johannasdagar

Image credit: @johannasdagar

Last but not least don't forget to consider your lighting.  I'll be doing a blog post on lighting very soon, but my tip would be to always look for something that's dimmable so you can adjust the level of light as required.  You'll want slightly brighter light for reading stories and changing baby, and something a lot darker for nighttime feeds and cuddles.

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration to think a little differently in your approach to your new baby's room.  We have now lived with our superstore 3-piece for almost 4 years as I'm too stubborn to admit it was a bad purchase but I really can't wait to swap it out for something a lot prettier once Georgia's ready to transition out of her cot.  Watch this space to see what I go for... 

I'd love to hear if you have any other must-haves for your baby's first room or if you have any questions that I can help with.

Room Reveal: Georgia's Room

Those of you who have been following me for a little while will know that we bought our forever home last August, and have been busy making changes over the last 6 months.  It's a 5-bedroom semi-detached Victorian property and whilst the previous owners had refurbished it throughout it was a buy-to-let property so the house was crying out for some personal touches.  

We have two young children, Thomas Leo (3) and Georgia Grace (2), and since our house move was all about building a better life for them (schools, location etc.) it seemed only right that the first rooms to be completed should be their bedrooms.  I am excited to finally be able to reveal their new rooms, starting with Georgia's.

Here's the all important BEFORE photo:


Georgia might be the smallest member of our family, and have the smallest room but she is by no means small in character.  She's incredibly strong-willed and at two she already knows what she likes and doesn't like.  She loves pandas and penguins so I should probably have gone for a monochrome room, but instead my inspiration for her room came from her beloved Maileg mouse, a present from her Granny and her room is decorated in blush pink with ivory and gold touches.


Georgia's room is south-facing and has the most stunning light.  I searched high and low for the perfect blush pink colour for the walls, and finally found it in Edward Bulmer's Natural Paint range which is made entirely from natural ingredients, and with no nasty chemicals or plastics it was the perfect choice for a nursery.  The colour is Cuisse de Nymphe Emue and I love that it's not too pink and girly.  I then chose a wallpaper by Kate Spade called Confetti in ivory covered with gold dots which bounce the light around the room.


Georgia will soon transition into a big girl bed but for now we've decided to keep her cot bed set, with the matching wardrobe and changing unit.  I'm not usually a fan of matchy nursery furniture but wanted to show you that it's still possible to create a gorgeous and unique nursery using high-street furniture paired with more individual accessories.  I've used soft furnishings to disguise the hard lines of the furniture.  The canopy is by Liewood and the cot bumper and cushions are by CamCam Copenhagen, both from Scandiborn.   


The Swoon Editions chair is the perfect spot for bedtime milk and stories, the pocket String shelves house all her treasured possessions, and pride of place on the wall is her stunning Bora Miri bunny which I had customised especially for Georgia's room with gold details and gold dots on the fabric ruffle to match the wallpaper.


Georgia is totally in love with her new room and I hope you all love it too.

Room Design:  Leo & Grace

Photography:  Siobhan H Photography 

Source List:

Paint - Edward Bulmer Natural Paint

Wallpaper - Kate Spade Confetti by Kravet

Bayswater Cotbed, Changing Unit & Wardrobe - Mothercare

Chair - Swoon Editions

Canopy - Liewood at Scandiborn

Cot Bumper & Cushions - Cam Cam Copenhagen at Scandiborn

Shelves - String at Scandiborn

Joseph Bunny Lamp - Rose in April at Bobby Rabbit

Sheepskin - IKEA

Rabbit Trophy Head - Bora Miri

Basket - Rose in April at Smallable

Quilt - Dilly Grey

Toy Cot - Small Stuff at This Modern Life

Wall Hook - Mimi'Lou at Ginger and May

Shelf Decor:

Penguin Print - Ingrid Petrie Design

Ice-Cream Garland and Cloud Hanging - Velveteen Babies

Maileg Guardian Angel Mouse in Suitcase - Maileg at Liberty London

Tea Set - Moulin Roty at Bobby Rabbit

Gold Wand and Crown - Fable Heart

Georgia Wire Name Sign - Little Cloud

Wooden Pram Decorations - Pinch Toys at Scandiborn

Wooden Cat and Bear Toys - Ella and Frederik at Sarah Bendrix Kids

Fairy Soft Toy - Alimrose at Lily and Fred

Unicorn Soft Toy - Konges Slojd at Scandiborn