Displaying Children's Artwork in your Home

As we near the end of my son’s year in Reception, we have already accumulated masses of artwork and I’m far too sentimental to just throw it all out with the recycling. Instead, I am planning on editing it and finding creative ways to display some of my favourite pieces around our home. I wanted to share with you some of my inspiration as well as some handy tips on keeping a record of those sweet scribbles that don’t quite make the cut.

First up, the gallery wall. The very best gallery walls are made up of a mixture of photographs, prints, artwork and artefacts, grouped together in a contrasting frames, or even just pinned or taped on to the wall. They should evoke feelings and memories, and there’s no reason at all why children’s artwork shouldn’t be included. Below are some of my favourites to give you the inspiration to create your own:

Photo Credits: Zoe Young Interiors and Finlay Fox

If you want to rotate artwork as and when new masterpieces are brought home, there are some very clever frames available that allow you to easily switch out pictures. I also like to use clips, washi tape or command strips to pin up smaller pictures on to the wall which can be swapped out easily enough over time.

Alternatively, you may wish to create a display dedicated solely to your kids’ masterpieces. Perhaps you have a bare wall in the kitchen or playroom that’s crying out for some colour and personality. If you’re aiming to create a display solely from artwork, in my opinion this works best when there is some order to your display.

In these rooms, inexpensive cork board has been used simply and effectively to provide a structured display:

Photo Credits: Pinterest, Young House Love, The Lily Pad Cottage

Whilst different frames painted in the same colour, magnetic wall displays or artwork displayed in neat rows provide a sense of order.

Photo Credits: The Caterpillar Years, via BHG, via Brit + Co

There are also some fabulous makers out there specialising in creating keepsakes from your kids’ artwork, check out Barney & Wilf for these amazing collages, or Periwinkle and Clay who can transfer your kids’ artwork on to clay tiles, both would make incredibly personal gifts.

What I love about kids’ art displays is that they’re ever changing, encourage creativity, and are unique to your family. I’d absolutely love to see your own displays, tag me in your posts with #leoandgrace