Leo & Grace Edits: Dolls Houses

Hello - and thanks for popping over to my very first blog post.  Here, I hope to share lots of inspiration and ideas, and also showcase some of our favourite rooms, brands, decor and toys.  

I've always been passionate about interior design, and if I had to pinpoint when it all began I think it was the Christmas when I was lucky enough to receive a dolls' house which my dad (being an artist and perfectionist) had painstakingly built and decorated for me.  I absolutely loved it and it sparked my love for all things interior. 

So it seemed right that our first blog should take a look at some of our favourite dolls' houses:

You'll notice a theme here - all of these are gender neutral, minimalist and mostly made from plywood which is such a lovely natural looking material.  They will all fit into a modern, contemporary interior and are beautiful enough to have on show in your main living area/play rooms so they don't need to be confined to the kids bedrooms, though they'll look equally great in there. 

First up, cheap and cheerful:  The IKEA Flisat doll's house, around £23, made from solid pine can either be used on the floor or alternatively wall hung and used for storage/to show off your beautiful decor.  You really can't go wrong with this one as it can be kept neutral or you can go all out and decorate it to match your little one's room.  My only reservation is the little green chimney - I think I'd have paint it! 

In a similar style the Ferm Living Funkis House.  This is available in two sizes at £99 or £165, made from plywood which is extremely popular at the moment in kids rooms, and like the IKEA house can also be wall hung.  This would make a fabulous statement piece.  Again it can be left neutral or you could choose to customise it but given the higher price point I'd be tempted to leave it natural and use items to decorate it. 

Another simple and natural looking option is the Liewood Wood Dolls House, from £65, which would make a fabulous piece of statement decor:

If all that natural looking wood isn't doing it for you, then the Djeco range of dolls houses might be a good choice, made from wood and plexiglass from around £55, you can also purchase ready made furniture sets that will add a lot more colour.

Another colourful choice is the No Fred Harbour House which can be standalone or used in multiples to create a little terraced street of houses.  Available in grey, mint or rose, for £120 each.

Then there's the exquisite Milky Wood Dolls House from £50 (special thanks to Coral @velveteen_babies for sharing this one on her account recently).  It's handmade in Paris and comes flat packed ready to built, has a handy carry handle and you can also buy matching beautifully made furniture (available on Etsy). 

And finally, the ultimate contemporary dolls house available with optional swimming pool and terrace is the Sirch Sibis Villa Doll’s House.  How the other dolls live hey?! 

When can I move in?!